Back out to Allen. 3 among active players behind only Paul Pierce and Jason Terry. Visit ESPN to view 2019-20 NBA stat leaders. He holds the record for most 3-pointers made in a regular-season game (14) and played a significant role in the Golden State Warriors' 3 championship runs in the 2010s.Along with being one of the greatest playmakers of all time.Steve Kerr holds the record for having the best 3-point shooting percentage in NBA history. For more information, see our,[recent_post_carousel limit="16" autoplay="false" recent_post_slider dots="false" show_category_name="false" show_date="false" show_content="false" media_size="boombox_image360x270" show_author="false"]. ... — NBA (@NBA) January 12, 2019. Vous trouverez sur cette page le classement des 100 meilleurs joueurs de NBA dans la catégorie "Points" pour la saison NBA 2019-2020. Picks, tools and data that give you an edge in NFL survivor and knockout style pools.Customized picks for NFL pick’em contests (weekly and season long). He's made 1760 three-pointers in his career at an impressive rate of 40.1%. If you continue, we'll assume that you accept our privacy policy. Richmond transformed into a dangerous 3-point shooter after he joined the Kings in 1991. Meilleurs tireurs à trois points en NBA [1] Rang Nom Poste Réussis Tentés Taux de réussite C; 1 Ray Allen: Arrière: 2 973 7 429 40,02 % * 2 Reggie Miller: Arrière 2 560 6 486 39,47 % * 3 Stephen Curry: Meneur: 2 495 5 739 43,47 % ^ 4 Kyle Korver: Arrière/Ailier: 2 450 5 715 42,87 % ^ 5 James Harden : Arrière 2 324 6 394 36,34 % ^ 6 Vince Carter: Arrière/Ailier 2 … Even if Larry Bird's 3-point percentage doesn't stand out among the rest, he was among the best shooters in the league when it came to clutch game-winning shots. No portion of may be duplicated, redistributed or manipulated in any form. Avec 1 719 tirs à 3 points réussis (sur 4 266 = 40,29 %), il est le 1 er joueur de cette époque dans la liste des meilleurs marqueurs à 3 points de la NBA. His three-pointer. Le sport en direct sur L'Équipe. Stephen Curry est entré dans le top 3 des meilleurs tireurs à trois points de l'histoire de la NBA. In his seven seasons in Sacramento, Richmond shot 40.4 percent from beyond the arc. BAAAANNNG!! September 04, 2020. The significance of this shot was proved beyond any doubt when.Peja Stojakovic is the only non-American player to feature on this list. It’s now important for every position to be a perimeter threat, so this is a list of active players you cannot leave open outside. When it's all said and done, Curry will go down in history as the greatest shooter of all time.NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets identify two targets for head coach role, Golden State Warriors could trade for Joel Embiid this offseason.As the 3-point shot continues to dominate the modern NBA, here's a look at the top 10 best 3-point shooters of all time.After revolutionizing the 3-point shot in the modern game, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry tops this list. In his 11-year career so far, Curry is already ranked in 3rd place in most 3-pointers made.During the 2015-16 season, Curry made a record 402 threes and went on to become the first unanimous MVP of the league. No matter how you guard him, he will find a way to punish you. Last season he average 2.2 shots made from outside on 43.6% shooting. If you make a request through the WarnerMedia Privacy Center, While he did knock down 2.3 3-pointers per game last season (compared to Lillard’s 3.1), he was more efficient with 39.7% shooting (compared to Lillard 36.1%). Top stats NBA → Points. Explications. We also use cookies to ensure we show you advertising that is relevant to you. Reggie Miller (1987-2005) Le fameux numéro 31 des Pacers d’Indiana, un arrière de 2,01 m capable de dégainer très vite et de très loin. LeBron gagne enfin avec les Lakers (pendant que Curry s'amuse),Steph Curry pas convaincu qu'on a marché sur la Lune, la Nasa lui répond,Curry dans le top 3 des meilleurs shooteurs à trois points de l'histoire.Il n'y a plus que les légendaires Ray Allen et Reggie Miller devant lui...- La fréquentation de 20 Minutes est certifiée par l’ACPM. Directs commentés, images et vidéos à regarder et à partager ! Volume shooting is not the key for Durant, but his efficiency is what stands out.Korver is the stereotypical old-guy shooter, having played in the league since 2003. This page tracks three point field goal percentage statistics. (*) Field goals: 300 field goals made at the end of the season to qualify (150 for rookies and hispanic players),Free throws: 125 free throws made at the end of the season to qualify(62 for rookies and hispanic players),3-pointers: 82 3s made at the end of the season to qualify, 41 for rookies and hispanic players).© Muscal Mediacom, S.L. Maybe this is the reason for the rating difference.It seems like this young stud is popping up on quite a lot of top rating lists. When he gets in the game and is called on to shoot, he makes the most of it.Harden’s ability to knock down shots from outside is what makes his driving potential even better. Ranking 10 Greatest 3-Point Shooters in NBA History #9 Mitch Richmond. Don’t let the guys on this list get open from outside. Team Rankings; Team Rankings ... * Last 2 Weeks qualifier is on pace for at least 3 made three point field goals * Last 4 Weeks qualifier is on pace for at least 5 made three point … This site is operated jointly by NBA and WarnerMedia. * All Games qualifier is D’après son père, Klay Thompson sera encore meilleur shooteur à son retour : personne n’est prêt pour sa saison à 60% du parking Par Leo Flechard Publié le 15 septembre 2020 à 13 h 23 min NBA 3-point percentage leaders for 2019-20 season. In today's era, we cannot imagine a team winning a game without scoring from downtown. The 3-time NBA champion is regarded as one of the best NBA players of all time.Klay Thompson, along with his teammate Steph Curry, revolutionized the 3-point shot in modern-day NBA. Mise à jour à l'issue de la saison NBA 2019-2020. Team: Cleveland Cavaliers. All rights reserved.This site use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience. While his volume is low (1.3 makes), the depth of his team does not require him to shoot a lot.Harris is another lesser-known shooter in the league. These are all the top 3 point shooters in the NBA 2K19.In today’s NBA, outside shooting rules all. Le meilleur marqueur de la NBA en carrière demeure inchangé depuis plus de 20 ans. Dans les cinquante premiers, six joueurs sont encore en activité. When the 3-point line was first introduced, only 3.1% of the total shot attempts were made from beyond the arc. 5 in NBA history in made three-point field goals, and No. Curry n'est plus devancé dans ce classement que par Ray Allen (2.973) et Reggie Miller (2.560), alors qu'il ne lui a fallu que 656 matchs pour atteindre cette 3e place, soit deux fois moins que Terry (1.410). He won the NBA 3-point contest twice and was a key part of the Sacramento Kings in the early 2000s. To opt out of the sale of your personal information as permitted by the California Consumer As a role player who could knock down shots, Kerr was a key part of the Chicago Bulls dynasty in the 90s. Privacy Act, please use the links below to visit each company’s privacy center. Vince Carter has shot a lot of threes | Robert Laberge/Allsport/Getty Images. VOTE. Still going strong in his 19th NBA season, former superstar Vince Carter is not only one of the best three-point shooters in history but also one of the most frequent three-point shooters. 3PT Open Stat: 89. Best rookies and hispanic players. From familiar faces to fresh ones, here's who could be calling the shots on NBA sidelines next season, according to 30 league insiders. Kyle Korver (OVR 75) Position: SG. His 3-point shooting revolutionized the way teams approach offense. His confidence to knock down shots during clutch time made him one of the best offensive players in the 90s and is widely recognised as the best 3-point shooter in the 20th century. Calling him the greatest 3-point shooter of all time is not a stretch by any means. # Visit ESPN to view 2019-20 NBA stat leaders. is solely responsible for this site but makes no guarantee about the accuracy or completeness of the information herein.Printed from - © 2005-2020 Team Rankings, LLC. All Rights Reserved.Picks for football and March Madness pools,Free Throw Attempts / Field Goal Attempts. Les informations, résultats et classements de tous les sports. He really showed off his range and textbook form during the 1995 NBA All-Star Game when he scored 23 points, made all three of his 3-point attempts and was named the game’s MVP.Copyright © 2020 NBA Media Ventures, LLC. He piled on the makes last season with 3.7 per game, but only on 36.7% shooting.RealSport may receive a small commission if you click a link from one of our articles onto a retail website and make a purchase. While he only averaged 2.5 3-pointers made this season (low compared to his teammates), he still knocked down 41.9% of his attempts from outside. He is well remembered among the fans for hitting the game-winning shot in the 1997 NBA Finals, and is currently serving as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors.Reggie Miller stands second in the list of most 3-pointers made. Irving knocked down an average of 2.8 3-pointers per game on 40.8% shooting. Get Into the Game. From familiar faces to fresh ones, here's who could be calling the shots on NBA sidelines next season, according to 30 league insiders. Ils côtoient 32 joueurs intronisés au Basketball Hall of Fame. !His clutch 3-pointer during Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs is considered as one of the best shots in NBA history. Averaging 3.1 3-pointers made on 44% shooting from outside is ridiculous on its own. Il s'agit de Kareem Abdul-Jabbar et ses 38 387 points en 20 saisons sur les parquets. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. 42 made three point field goals,© 2005-2020 Team Rankings, LLC. it will apply to data controlled jointly by the NBA and WarnerMedia as well as other data controlled by WarnerMedia. 3PT Contested … Richmond transformed into a dangerous 3-point shooter after he joined the Kings in 1991. Statistical data provided is not affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA®) or March Madness Athletic Association, neither of which has supplied, reviewed, approved or endorsed the material on this site. All rights reserved. «Voir mon nom aux côtés de joueurs de ce calibre est incroyable, ce sont des exemples en termes de longévité et de constance», a expliqué la,Stephen Curry «plaisantait à 1000%» quand il doutait de l'Homme sur la Lune,VIDEO. He made the most of 27.9 mins played per game by averaging two 3-pointers made per game on 44.5% shooting.Another all-star makes this list, something you will notice is a big difference when compared to the top dunkers in the game. 2008-2020. The 2-time NBA champion was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 2018.Steph Curry is responsible for single-handedly changing the way teams play the game of basketball. Top stats NBA → Points. Ranking 10 Greatest 3-Point Shooters in NBA History #9 Mitch Richmond . Un nombre minimum de matchs est nécessaire pour figurer dans le classement. Efficiency is key here, as he knocks down 43.4% of his outside attempts. All Rights Reserved. The 5-time All-Star was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in 2012.Rebound Bosh. Best stats for 36 minutes and best game performances. Vous trouverez sur cette page le classement des 100 meilleurs joueurs de NBA dans la catégorie "Points" pour la saison NBA 2019-2020. Actuellement, dix joueurs de cette liste sont encore en activité. He was also a 3-time All-Star and won the NBA Championship in 2011.Even if Larry Bird's 3-point percentage doesn't stand out among the rest, he was among the best shooters in the league when it came to clutch game-winning shots. He only played 25.3 minutes per game, but knocks down 1.9 makes on 41.9% shooting from outside. 2019 NBA Draft Combine - Day 1. Compared to some of the other shooters on the lists, he is doing it all for his team as the leading point guard and player in Boston.It is interesting that NBA 2K would give McCollum better 3-point ratings than his backcourt mate Damian Lillard. # He won the first-ever 3-point contest and made a name for himself with his ability to shoot highly contested, off-balance 3s. He is the perfect 3&D player and has the ability to take over games during crucial moments. Free NBA basketball player stats and splits in simple, easy to read tables. If Thompson played in any era in which Curry did not play, he’d likely be the league’s leading shooter.Not only is KD a monster across the board, but his 3-point shooting is ridiculous as well. These are the top-rated players in the game based on the 3-point stat.King of the 3-ball is essentially what we have in Curry. on pace for at least the NBA Privacy Center, it will apply to data controlled independently by the NBA.Ranking 70 Most Clutch Players in NBA History,Ranking Top 10 Point Guards in NBA History,2020 NBA Draft Prospects: Shooting Guards,Orlando Magic Continues its Efforts to Encourage Central Florida to Get Off the Bench. He’s No. ... Was Nikola Vucevic Better in 2018-19 or 2019-20? Un nombre minimum de matchs est nécessaire pour figurer dans le classement. He continues to hit from ridiculous range and averaged 4.2 3-pointers made last season on 42.3% shooting from outside.It just doesn’t seem fair to have the top 3 2K19 shooters on the same team, but this is the reality of the modern NBA. If you make a request through He may have lost a step over the years, but his outside shooting remains elite.Bullock is not a big name player around the league and only started to develop a major role last season.