There is also an Interregional connection to and from the north of the country between Oporto Campanhã/Coimbra B/Oporto Campanhã. Train Types in Portugal. The Coimbra change is only 20mins but it's at 5 in the morning, and there's another train from Coimbra a few hours later. Buy tickets from San Sebastián to Coimbra-B in one transaction. Lisbon - San Sebastian - Irun - Hendaye. Train Irun Train Lisbon Train Irun Lisbon is the official European distribution channel of the French railways (SNCF) for online sales of high-speed and conventional rail travel throughout France and Europe: plan your journeys, book your train tickets and get inspired by our travel guides! Coimbra to Hendaye by train. Board a train and Irun is yours! Train Types. The train takes just under six hours to reach the Basque border town of Irun. Date. Please notice that all of these connections, that is to say 4 routes, have a change. In Hendaye, you can switch to a TGV train that will bring you to Paris. Renfe. The Sud Expresso line travels from Irun (Spain) to Lisbon, and from Lisbon to Hendaye (France). First one by night train from Madrid or Irun to Lisbon. Once you arrive in Coimbra, there are two train stations, Coimbra or Coimbra-B. Quel est le prix d’un billet de train Irún — Coimbra-B ? Known as alfa. The continuing Sud Express runs as a night train from Irun at the French/Spanish border to Lisbon and from Lisbon to Hendaye. It allows you to travel in a great variety of sleeping accommodation and wake up in a different country the next morning. Regional - slow, local services.. What is the cheapest price for train tickets to Porto? International train linking Porto (Campanha) with Vigo (Guixar) in Spain. Je pars au Portugal pour Noel, et vu les prix d'avion au départ de bordeaux, je voulais plutot y aller en train. Lisbon - Coimbra - Valladolid - Burgos - San Sebastian - Irun - Hendaye. The trains to Irun can leave from Bilbao-Abando and arrive at Irun. Until April 2010, facilities existed for 2nd class seated accommodation, 2nd class couchette cars (6-bunk compartments), and 1st class … However, you can take a TGV from Grenoble to Paris, another TGV from Paris to Irun, and a night train from Irun to Lisboa. Intercidades - inter-city services; advanced booking necessary. Taking the train to Geneve and the bus from there to Lisboa would certainly be your cheapest option. On average, train tickets from Coimbra to Porto cost 39,80 $, but if you can book in advance, or choose less popular dates and times, you could find cheap train tickets from 3,00 $. There is an average of 1 trains a day between Irun and Lisbon, leaving approximately every -2J 18h minutes. In Lisbon, all trains to Coimbra pass through the Lisboa Oriente station, which is located near the airport. Return date (optional) Search. A reservation is required (no fee at the railway station). Portugal's fastest train. It's easy to reach Portugal by train from London, by early morning Eurostar from London to Paris, a high-speed TGV from Paris to Irun on the Spanish frontier, then the famous Sud Express overnight to Lisbon, with sleeping-cars, restaurant & bar, the civilised way to reach Portugal. Regional - slow, local services. The first train leaving Irun is at 18:50, the last at . For example, it shows you the possible train connections from Coimbra to Porto offered by Cppt. Le trajet en train le plus rapide de Irún à Coimbra-B est de 36 heures et 4 minutes. The international Trenhotel has two lines. Irun, ocean and mountain meet there . Find the best train tickets deals for your Irun - Lisbon travel and recommendations for where to go in Lisbon ! 1 Porto (Portugal) - Coimbra (Portugal) 106 km All in about 25 hours. 1 Passenger From To Date Return date (optional) From. Find the best price Our system will always propose you the best fare for your rail e-ticket to Irun . A cooperation between CP and RENFE of the Spanish railways. Personally, given the trenhotel is the same price whether booked to Coimbra or Lisbon, I'd stay in bed all the way to Lisbon then take a northbound train from Lisbon Oriente to Porto Campanhã. Intercidades - inter-city services; advanced booking necessary. Choose the best one for you. The most popular dates and times of departure to go to Irun are almost always more expensive, so try to be flexible if possible. See the timetables as I … To travel by train from San Sebastián in Spain to Coimbra in Portugal, you have three options. Train 313/312 - Sud-Express Irun 22.00 San Sebastian 22.18/22.20 Vitoria/Gasteiz ... donc bien Hendaye D'ailleurs, dès Lisboa, les voitures du train seront logiquement "plaquées" pour la destination d'Hendaye A Irun (6.58/6.59 To. Running with a speed of 220 kph (140 mph), Alfa Pendular provides the fastest connection on … Travel to Irun from Lisbon by train and arrive directly in the city centre. Inter-regional - these trains stop at the main stations. Close to the french border Irun is only 11 kms away from San Sebastian in Spain, and 27 kms from Biarritz, in France. There are multiple train stations in Lisbon and Coimbra, and you need to specify the exact station in order to purchase tickets on the Portugal Railways webpage. The station is served by TGV (high speed trains) and Lunéa (night trains) operated by the SNCF and Alvia (High Speed Trains), Talgo, Arco, Estrella and EuskoTren services operated by RENFE.. Trains from Porto first stop at Coimbra-B, which is located about a mile outside of the city center. TrenHotel Surexpreso. Irun is located in northern Spain in the Autonomous Community of the Basque country. À quelle heure sont le premier et le dernier train Irún - Coimbra ? Train Train Dublin - Dún Laoghaire Train Dublin - Galway ... Find a bus from Irun to Coimbra. Top destinations Routes; Train Irun Madrid. Inter-regional - these trains stop at the main stations. Known as alfa. Cheap trip from Irun to Coimbra from only € 19,99 Secure online payment Free Wi-Fi and plug sockets on board 2 pieces of luggage Biggest European network with 2,500 destinations ! To travel from Porto to Coimbra by train, please read the following information. Travel from Coimbra (Portugal) to Hendaye (France) by train (653km): schedule and information to the train connection. Timetable San Sebastián to Coimbra-B by train | Rail Europe Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Alfa Pendular (AP) Domestic high-speed train connecting Guimarães, Braga, Porto, Coimbra, Lisbon and Faro. How many train connections exist to go from Bilbao to Irun per day? Search your train ticket. And third one by bus in the South from Seville … Irun, ocean and mountain meet there Irun is located in northern Spain in the Autonomous Community of the Basque country. Get inspired by the beauty of the Basque country, traversing from charming Irun to the famous port city of Bilbao by modern and comfortable Spain trains. Your travel route could be like that. Trains to Coimbra leave Porto from the Campanhã Station. Si vous préférez arriver plus tard, vous pouvez prendre le dernier train à 18h45 au départ de Irún. If you want to travel from Bilbao to Irun by train, there are 4 available connections per day. The Trenhotel international night train is known for its great luxury and connects Spain with Portugal and France. But it will also be the slowest. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Second one in the North from Vigo to Porto. Saver fares and discounts are available for long-distance trains. Rápidos - the fastest, most expensive service on the Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto main run. If you want to experience the picturesque landscapes of Portugal while traveling from one town to another, there is no better way than taking Lisbon to Coimbra high-speed train. Despite the fact that the There you change to a TGV train … Le prix des billets de train Irún — Coimbra-B commence à partir de 26 € si vous réservez à l’avance, et augmente à mesure que la date du départ approche. Chaque jour, le premier train quitte la gare de Irún en direction de Coimbra à 18h45. Buy your train ticket online via the booking links bellow. The first route is by direct night train from Lisbon to the Spanish-French border at Hendaye/Irun. Irun is a railway station in Irun, Basque Country, Spain.The station is located on the Bordeaux - Irun, Bilbao - Hendaye and Madrid–Hendaye railway lines. Train Irun (Espagne) - Coimbra (Portugal)? About Spain Easy to use website and apps rated excellent on Trustpilot, multi-currency bookings and human customer support. The Sud Expresso connects up with the French high-speed train – "TGV-Atlantique" which runs between the Spanish border and Paris. Train Station(s) Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. Rápidos - the fastest, most expensive service on the Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto main run. So, again, if the overnight train from Irun runs late by 21mins, I'm not quite as screwed, although I suspect there's not much going on in Coimbra to amuse me at that hour of the morning. The Lusitania line runs daily between Madrid and Lisbon and takes you there in less than 11 hours. There are two classes conforto (1st) and turistica (2nd).